How to Fix Microsoft Errors for Free

by James Highland

Microsoft has created software products that largely run the computer industry. The Microsoft Windows operating system ran on approximately 90 percent of the world's computers at the end of 2009. With so many users, the high frequency of reported problems has caused the company to develop efficient ways to track and resolve errors. Many computer manufacturers also take some responsibility in helping customers quickly fix Microsoft errors. While some solutions incur a cost, many issues are resolved for free.

Visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base online. The complexity of Microsoft products requires a central portal for documentation and troubleshooting, and the Microsoft Support website tackles the majority of errors. Users can search for a particular error message and retrieve possible solutions. The service is free of charge. Many times, the fix for a Microsoft error requires an operating system update. These programs are easily downloaded through the support center and are available for free to registered Microsoft users.

Investigate the warranty protection provided by Microsoft for the software package experiencing errors. If a replacement for your program is necessary to resolve the error, it may be handled for free by Microsoft. Warranties eventually expire and do not cover all potential issues.

Confirm if your computer system is still under warranty by the computer manufacturer. While an actual replacement of the computer may not be necessary, manufacturer warranties often include free technical support to troubleshoot any Microsoft problem you encounter. A technician will be able to connect to your PC directly and interact with the system in real-time. Most software problems are addressed easily via this service.

Firefox users may install the ErrorHelp extension, which adds a worldwide database of errors to this popular web browser application. The program enables a user to input a specific Microsoft error and search for solutions based on past experiences by ErrorHelp users. The results may be quick and efficient answers for any Microsoft error, and for free.


  • close Never attempt to manipulate sensitive system files on a Windows PC unless you have considerable experience with operating systems. It is possible to make a problem worse by unguided trial and error. This includes actions that directly edit the Windows Registry.
  • close Additionally, be careful when downloading advertised products to fix problems for free. While some programs do exist to streamline the functionality of a computer, many free downloads are malicious software.

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