How to Fix a Memorex Flash Drive

By Ty Arthur

Here are some techniques to fix a flash memory drive.
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Your Memorex flash memory drive stores data slightly differently than a normal hard drive installed in a computer. Because of how the data storage process works it is easier for a flash memory drive to become corrupted and stop working properly. Memorex drives also include a built-in locking program that may prevent you from accessing your data. Depending on the cause of the problem there are two possible solutions, although you will likely end up having to format the drive completely.

Step 1

Plug the Memorex flash drive into any of the available USB ports on your computer. Click "Open a folder to view files" in the "Auto Play" window.

Step 2

Double-click the "Memorex Lock" icon. Check the "Password Status" heading and see if it says "Enabled."

Step 3

Click "Disable Password" and then enter the password that was previously set for the Memorex flash drive. If you don't know the correct password, close the window and navigate to the "Start" menu.

Step 4

Click "My Computer." Right-click the entry for the Memorex flash drive and select the "Format" option.

Step 5

Select the "File System" drop-down menu and choose "Fat32." Remove the check mark from the box labeled "Quick Format." Select "Start" to begin the formatting process and fix the Memorex flash drive.