How to Fix Low Brightness on an Alienware M15x

by Nicole Martinez

Alienware, like other laptop manufacturers, allows you to adjust the brightness level of your M15x laptop screen. This can help you to read on-screen items in bright light or preserve the battery when you are relying on it for power. If your screen brightness is too low for your preferences, temporarily increase brightness through several methods or even adjust the screen brightness of your power plan to change the default brightness.


Press the "Function" and "F4" keys simultaneously to increase the brightness on your Alienware laptop.


Right-click on the battery status icon in the quick launch bar and select "Adjust Screen Brightness." Move the slider toward the right on the track to increase brightness.


Adjust your power plan if your screen appears much brighter when your M15x laptop is plugged in than when it runs on battery power. Right-click the battery icon and select "Power Options." Click to change the settings for your current plan and move the slider to the right of the bar to adjust the default brightness level. Click "Save Changes" to put the changes into effect.

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