How to Fix a Loose Connection on an Ethernet Cable

By Finn McCuhil

A loose Ethernet connection can cause data loss.
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A loose connection on a network cable can cause intermittent communication problems between your computer and the rest of the network. It can cause database transactions to fail and, in extreme cases, can cause the client computer to crash. Repairing a loose connection takes only a few minutes with the right equipment.

Step 1

Turn off the computer.

Step 2

Remove the loose cable from the computer or network device.

Step 3

Insert the RJ45 connector into the crimping tool.

Step 4

Squeeze the handles of the tool firmly together until they reach a fully closed position. Crimping tools are designed to stop before damaging the plastic connector. Closing the jaws of the crimping tool completely insures the best possible connection.

Step 5

Release the crimping tool's handles and remove the cable from the tool. Insert the plug of the cable into the computer or network device. Test the cable for looseness at the plug. Power on the unit.