How to Fix a Laptop Mouse That Won't Scroll

By S.C. Palmer

Sometimes a laptop's trackpad can stop working.
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One of the handy features of a notebook computer is the built-in computer mouse. This mouse, more commonly known as a trackpad, is put through a lot of use and often runs into problems. You might find that your touchpad won't react when you try to scroll. Rather than taking the whole computer to a computer technician, there are a few troubleshooting measures you can take on your own. If could be something as simple as a dirty trackpad or a faulty driver.

Step 1

Clean the trackpad with a lightly dampened cloth. Remove any obvious dirt, fingerprints and smudges that are interfering with the performance of the touchpad.

Step 2

Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad or cloth and wipe down the trackpad. Occasionally, skin oils on the touchpad can interfere with the way the touchpad reacts to your fingers.

Step 3

Look at the underside of the touchpad, if possible, and see if there's any dirt causing the touchpad to stick. Carefully remove any dirt with a dry cotton swab. Spray the top of the touchpad with a can of compressed air to remove any debris.

Step 4

Check for touchpad driver updates. Click the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel," then select "System and Security" and check "Device Manager" under "System." This can fix any errors in the current drivers on the computer.

Step 5

Adjust the touchpad sensitivity. In the "Control Panel" select "Mouse" and adjust the sensitivity settings.