How to Fix a JVC Camcorder

By Kefa Olang

Shooting great videos has become part of an everyday life in many cultures. Whether it's documenting travel events, capturing school activities or family activities, shooting videos with your JVC camcorder is an exciting activity for just about anyone. You never want your experience to be deterred by camcorder malfunctions. So here is the scoop, many of these problems do not need a technician and can be solved with just a little time.

Power Poblems

Detach your battery for a few minutes then place it back on the camcorder if your camera is not turning on. Make sure your battery is charged.

Place your batteries in room temperature if they are draining quickly when shooting in cold conditions. Charge your batteries in temperatures of 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F). Charging may stop in low temperatures.

Plug in the AC power and power on the camcorder if your camcorder is still not powering on, it will need servicing and repair. Contact JVC support from the resource center.

Display Problem

Close your LCD display and power off the camera if the display is not working.

Remove the battery pack and unplug the AC power. Plug the AC power back to the camera, then open the display. If there isn't any picture, close the display and use the view finder.

Check the LCD display settings. Make sure the brightness is up and the display is turned on. Use your manual to adjust these settings depending on your camera model.

Access the menu settings on your camcorder, depending on the model of your camcorder, then select the "Factory Reset" and click "Yes" to set the camera back to the original default settings. If your display still has problems, contact JVC support.

Recording Problems

Turn off your camera, if the record indicator is flashing when you are recording. This indicator means the camcorder may be over heating.

Turn off the camcorder and let it cool for a while. Turn on the camera again and continue to use.

Clean the lens with a lint free cloth if your images are unclear. Clean the lens in circular motion to prevent streaks. You can use some lens cleaning solution where need.

Apply some lens solution to a lint free cloth then clean the lens. Do not apply lens solution directly to the lens of your JVC camcorder.

Clean the head of your camcorder, if your images are noisy or do not display during playback. Insert your head cleaning tape into the tape deck, then use the manual for your camcorder to clean the head.