How to Fix iTunes Error 2330

By Mario Calhoun

You can fix the iTunes 2330 error on your PC.
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The iTunes 2330 error is an installation issue that occurs on Windows PCs running the XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system and requires a complete uninstallation of the iTunes software and all programs associated with it. Associated programs include QuickTime, Bonjour and Apple Mobile Device and are located in the Add/Remove Programs section of your Windows operating system's Control Panel. A complete uninstallation of these programs followed by reinstalling them corrects the issue.

Click the "Start" button on your PC's desktop, and click "Control Panel" from the pop-up menu.

Select the "Add or Remove Programs" link in the Control Panel window in Windows XP, or select the "Uninstall a program" link underneath the "Programs" section of the Control Panel window in Windows 7 or Vista.

Select "iTunes" in the Add or Remove Programs window, and click the "Remove" button. Repeat this step for "Bonjour," "QuickTime" and "Apple Mobile Device" in the Add or Remove Programs window. For Windows 7 or Vista, select the program you wish to remove and click the "Uninstall" button at the top of the program window.

Go to the Apple website (see Resources). Select the "iTunes" tab, and click the "Free Download" button.

Enter your email address, and click the "Download Now" button. Click the "Run" button on the pop-up box, and click the "Run" button in the Security Warning window.

Click "Next" in the iTunes & QuickTime Installer window, and follow the on-screen installation instructions to complete the reinstallation.