How to Troubleshoot a Frozen HTC Touch

by Jack Kitchens

If your HTC Touch cell phone begins having problems, performing a reset will often fix it. This phone has two reset options. A soft reset clears its memory and restarts the phone, much like restarting a computer. A hard reset goes a step farther, by deleting all of your saved data and settings. You should always try a soft reset first and use the hard reset only if the soft reset doesn't solve the problem.

Soft Reset


Locate the Reset button to the right of the USB port on the bottom of the phone.


Press the Reset button with the phone's stylus.


Wait a minute or so for the phone to return to normal operations.

Hard Reset


Press and hold both the Talk and End buttons


Press the reset button using the stylus while still holding down the Talk and End buttons. The phone displays the message: "This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer default. Press Action to restore manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel."


Release the Talk and End buttons and press Enter.

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