How to Fix the HP Volume System on a Laptop

by Matthew Fortuna

A broken or disrupted volume on a laptop can cause a frustrating user experience. With broken volume, you may not be able to enjoy music, videos or any of the tones or sounds that define your computing experience.


Click the "Start" tab on the lower left corner of your desktop.


Enter the "Control Panel" menu from the "Start" menu.


Click "System" in the "Control Panel" menu and then find the "Device Manager" and enter this menu.


Click "Sound Card" within the "Device Manager" options and click "Uninstall."


Click "OK" to confirm your selection and allow a few minutes for the uninstallation of your sound card.


Exit the "Control Panel" menu and restart your computer. A tab should appear after your restart that says "New Device Found."


Click the "New Device Found" tab and follow the prompts to reinstall your volume system.

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