How to Fix a Ghost or Burnt-In Image on an LCD HDTV

by Andrew McClain

Your LCD HDTV can represent a pretty large investment, and you will want to keep it for as long as possible. One problem that occasionally hits these televisions is called "ghosting." This is when you temporarily see an after-image of whatever was on the screen before. You can remove ghost images by running an all-white image on your LCD television. Another problem is burn-in, where the pixels freeze and no longer display colors properly. You can try a few approaches to bring the pixels back so they will show the colors properly.

Fixing Ghosting

Step 1

Create an image in a graphics program. The image needs to be all white. Save the image as a JPEG file.

Step 2

Follow your television's instructions to upload the file as a screen saver.

Let the screen saver run. The white images will erase any ghost images on your screen.

Fixing Burn-In

Step 1

Change the channel to an unused one. The static can help restore the frozen pixels.

Step 2

Run your DVD player's burn-in reduction screen saver for at least an hour. Then turn off your television for at least an hour before using it again. This also might revitalize the pixels on the screen.

Turn the brightness down on your television. This will prevent further damage to the pixels on your screen.

Items you will need

  • Graphics program

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