How to Fix a Garmin GPS (5 Steps)

By Tina Reichmann

A functional GPS makes any road trip easier.
i Jordan Siemens/Lifesize/Getty Images

Garmin GPS units have touch screens that make them simple to use. If your screen does not respond properly to touch or does not respond at all, the problem is fairly simple to fix. Garmin offers troubleshooting options on its site to fix your GPS unit screen.

Step 1

Disconnect your Garmin GPS from its external power and completely turn it off. The external power source may originate from your car plug or wall charger.

Step 2

Flip the Garmin GPS antenna if your unit has one. Some Garmin devices have an antenna that folds down for easy storage.

Step 3

Press the "Reset" button on the backside of the unit. If it has an antenna, likely the "Reset" button is underneath the area where the antenna folds.

Step 4

Reconnect your GPS unit to any external power source like the car plug, your PC, or wall charger. Your Garmin GPS should turn on automatically and function properly.

Step 5

Contact Garmin Support via Internet or telephone if the "Reset" button has not fixed the problem.