How to Fix a Floppy Disk

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You need information off of your floppy disk, but you can't get at it. We'll tell you how to fix it!

Know when a problem is not fixable. If your floppy disk has come in contact with a magnet, been crumpled, subjected to high pressures, shattered, or if pieces of the disk are missing, you will not be able to fix this disk. If the disk has a virus or other malwear on it, you may not want to fix the disk, because doing so may spread the virus to your PC.

If you believe that the problem is in the disk's software, you will need to download a data recovery program, such as Bad Copy Pro, or a similar program that is compatible with your computer system. Many are available online for free. Install the program as per the instructions that come with it.

Run the program to see what data you can salvage off of the floppy disk. Save it to your hard drive or another storage medium for the time being.

Reformat your disk. This process will vary by system, but most likely if you open a damaged disk, the system will ask you if you would like to reformat.

Once the reformatting is complete, it's time to test. Copy a document or file onto the drive, eject the disk, re-insert it and see if you can open the file. If you can, then you have corrected the problem with the disk and can continue to use it. If the disk does not save the information or the data comes up incorrectly, then your disk is damaged beyond repair and you should throw it out.


  • check Always back up your files.

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