How to Fix a Failed DVD Drive

by Contributor

A functioning DVD drive is essential to your computing activities. Without a working DVD drive, you can't install software, record data to DVDs, listen to music CDs or watch movies with your computer.

Clean the DVD drive completely. Remove the dust and dirt from the laser using a CD/DVD cleaner disk. In many cases, this simple task will resolve the DVD failure.

Check your DVD drive settings. Make sure that you're not using "compatibility mode" drivers, and that performance settings are properly set.

Update the driver for your DVD Drive Click "Start," "Control Panel," "System," "Hardware" and then "Device Manager." Highlight your DVD drive, click "Action" and then "Update Driver."

Run troubleshooting software. There are several DVD testing software packages, such as SANDRA and CheckIt. These applications may be able to identify the exact problem with the DVD drive.

Look for physical problems with the DVD drive. For example, if the drive is vibrating or making strange noises, you can check to see if the DVD drive is loose in the chassis. Another common physical problem is a jammed tray, which may be fixed by inserting a straightened paper clip into the hole next to the tray door.


  • check A replacement DVD drive is relatively inexpensive. If you find that you've spent several hours trying to fix a failed DVD drive, consider purchasing a replacement drive instead of spending even more time on it.

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