How to Fix Exe File Associations

by Nicole Martinez

On Windows computers, executable program files have an extension of ".exe."

These are not files that require other programs to run and opening this file type launches the program on your computer. If you accidentally change the file associations for Exe files, you may not be able to load the programs properly. You can fix the way that your computer handles Exe file associations so you can open applications on your computer.

Open the Start menu and select "My Computer."

Open the Tools menu and click "Option."

Click the File Type tab and allow it to load the list.

Scroll down to where the "Exe" listing would exist and verify that it is not there (the list is in alphabetical order).

Click "New," type "Exe" into the extension box and click "Advanced."

Select "Application" from the drop down menu that appears and then click the "Restore" button. Click "OK" to confirm the changes and close the Extension and Options windows.

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