How to Fix Errors on Hard Drives

by Lee Andrew Henderson

When most people encounter an error on their computer they panic because they don't know a lot about computers. Most computer problems are actually not that hard to fix. These are some steps you can take to fix errors on your hard drive.

First, search for the computer error on Google. Simply type out the error word for word in the Google search bar and put quotation marks around the whole thing. This will search Google for that exact phrase. When you search for the error message the results will often take you to a forum where somebody has asked how to fix the same problem and then a second person will reply with the answer, which often leads to a lengthy "discussion."

After you've searched for the error message on Google and found a forum with the answer, simply follow the steps they give on the forum.

If the answer given in the forum still does not fix your error, you can always add a follow up question in the forum. Many forum users are very knowledgeable, so you can probably have your question answered on one of these forums.

If you are getting errors on your hard drive that don't have an error message, like the computer or the Internet connection is running slow, there are a few other steps you can take. The first step you can take to fix errors on the hard drive is to defragment your hard drive. To do this go to My Computer and double click on it. Right click on the C: drive (or whatever drive you want to defragment) and click on Properties. There will be some options at the top. Choose Tools. There should be an option that says Defragment Now. Finally click on Analyze.

After you have defragmented the hard drive, you will then want to run the Disk Cleanup. Double click on My Computer once again. Right click on the C: drive and choose Properties again. This time you're going to stay in the General section and choose the Disk Cleanup button underneath the pie chart.

The final step to make your computer run smoothly is to run ScanDisk. Once again you will double click on My Computer, right click on the C: drive and choose Properties. Go to the Tools section again but this time click on the button that says Now under the Error-Checking section. There will be two boxes to check. Check both boxes and continue.

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