How to Fix Error 1722

By Greyson Ferguson

Microsoft has categorized all the errors that occur on Windows by giving each individual error its own number. One such error is "1722." Error 1722 occurs when you attempt to reinstall Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe or Standard after it has already been installed and removed at a previous time. The second installation will not take place, and the error 1722 message will be displayed. The good news is that there is a Microsoft download that can fix this issue.

Follow the link to the provided Microsoft support page (see Resources).

Click "Download the Software Licensing System Reset Tool package now." A new window will appear, asking if you'd like to save the file. Click "Save File."

Select the icon title "Mskbr928080.exe." It will be located in a pop-up window titled "Downloads."

Click "OK" and "Run." This will bring up the license agreement. Select "I agree." The installation will now take place. When it is completed, another will appear, asking you to unzip the software. Click "Unzip," and the file will now be placed in its appropriate spot.

Try to install Microsoft Windows Flight Simulator X Deluxe or Standard. It should work smoothly now without any errors