How to Fix Empty Registry Keys

by Kefa Olang

Empty registry keys are of no value to the Windows registry and use large amounts of system resources. They are usually left over by uninstalled programs and applications and can be removed easily without damaging your computer. Using a free registry cleaner, you can easily scan for and remove unused dll files that cause application failure and remove file extensions left over from improper uninstallations to ensure that your computer continues to perform at optimal levels.

Step 1

Download CCleaner free (see resources), and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Launch your program from the location in which you saved it during installation, and click the "Registry" button on the left panel.

Step 3

Click "Scan for issues." CCleaner will search the registry for leftover entries that are of no use to your computer. When the scan is complete, the detected issues will be displayed.

Step 4

Click "Fix selected issues," and then click "Yes" to back up your registry. Type in a name for your backup, and click "Save." Its always important to back up your registry so you have a restore point you can revert to.

Click "Fix all Selected Issues," and then click "OK" to remove the empty registry keys.


  • There are other registry cleaner programs such as Eusing Registry Cleaner (see resources). Check them out if you are interested in a different program.


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