How to Fix DVD Errors

by Heather Topham Wood

DVD errors can occur from a number of issues, including damaged discs, un-finalized discs and compatibility issues. In order to fix the DVD error, perform some troubleshooting to determine the cause of the error. This should include trying to play the DVD in another player in order to see if it's an issue with the drive, and not the actual DVD.

Repair the disk

Examine the surface area of the DVD to check for any scratches. If the DVD has visible scratches, this is the likely cause of the error.

Purchase a DVD repair kit. These kits are available at retailers like Target and FYE. The kit will include a repair solution and applicator.

Apply the solution to the surface of the DVD. Start at the outer edge and use the applicator to work the solution over the disc. Keep applying the solution and gentle pressure until you notice the scratches disappear. Retry the DVD to see if this resolved the issue.

Finalize the disk

Insert the DVD into the burner of your PC. Prior to playing the DVD, it needs to be finalized. If you did not complete this step, you will receive an error message.

Open the "Computer" menu found under "Start" on your Windows operating system. Find the DVD burner from the list of icons listed within the menu.

Right-click on the DVD burner icon to view potential options. From the list, choose "Close Session." This will automatically finalize the DVD.


  • check Incompatibility can also be a common reason a person experiences a DVD error. Check your player specifications to ensure that it can accept the type of DVD you are attempting to use.

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