How to Fix a Read Failure on Internal Hard Drive No Bootable Devices Error

By TS Jordan

A read failure in conjunction with a no bootable devices error for your computer's internal hard drive indicates that the operating system files on your hard drive have become corrupt. Repairing this issue is simply a matter of executing the Startup Repair features in your operating system, enabling you to rewrite the necessary files to the drive, allowing you to boot your computer once again.

Step 1

Insert the Windows installation CD or DVD into the computer.

Step 2

Start the computer. Press any key when prompted to boot from CD.

Step 3

Select your language, keyboard and currency layout from the onscreen menus.

Step 4

Click "Repair your computer." Select the drive containing your Windows installation and press "Next." The computer will automatically be scanned for startup problems with the operating system, resolving those issues if possible.