How to Fix a Distorted iPhone Screen

by Katrina Matterhorn
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The iPhone is a series of smart phones designed by Apple, Inc. It offers Internet connectivity, mobile email, mega-pixel camera, media player and text messaging. On occasion, the iPhone will have a distorted screen due to an application error. You can fix this by either by a hard reset or selecting the "Restore" option through iTunes. The "Restore" option will erase any data you have saved.

Step 1

Turn on the iPhone by pressing and holding the "Power" button.

Step 2

Watch for the scroll bar to appear and then turn off the iPhone with the scroll bar by sliding it to power it down.

Step 3

Attach one end of the iPhone's cable into it's USB port and the other end into the USB port of a computer with iTunes.

Step 4

Launch the iTunes application and wait for it to recognize the iPhone.

Click on the "iPhone" icon on the iTunes application. Click "Restore" and then "Backup and Restore." Wait for the restoration to complete and then disconnect the iPhone from the computer. Turn off the iPhone and then turn it back on.


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