How to Fix the Display Settings on an HP Laptop

by Kefa Olang

HP (Hewlett Packard) Laptops come in a variety of models and with many different features and functions, but all work with Windows operating systems. If the display settings on an HP laptop are improperly adjusted, it causes images to appear blurry, distorted and unclear. Resolving display problems is really simple, and takes literally minutes to complete. Once it is properly adjusted, your monitor is optimized to deliver the right visual output.

Step 1

Right-click an empty spot on the desktop and click "Personalize."

Step 2

Click the "Display" settings to open the Display settings window. On the Display settings window, you will be automatically directed to the "Monitor" tab.

Step 3

Drag the slider under "Resolution" to adjust the screen size for your monitor. Dragging the slider to the left decreases the screen area and makes the text and icons bigger. Dragging the slider to the right increases the screen size area and makes the text and icons smaller.

Step 4

Select "Highest (32bit)" under colors for a richer, clear color composition on your laptop monitor.

Step 5

Click "OK" and click "Yes" to save the settings. Move to the next step to perform advanced display settings.

Step 6

Right-click an empty spot on the desktop and click "Settings." Click "Advanced Settings."

Click the "Monitor" tab and select the screen refresh rate. You can select 85 Hertz for the refresh rate as a default. If you are not sure what the refresh rate is for your HP model, refer to your operating manual.


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