How to Fix Dead Pixels on a Laptop

By ShamikaM

Dead or defective pixels are pixels on the LCD monitor that do not display properly. This could be a dark or bright dot. A dead pixel is always dark against a bright background.

Pressure Method

Step 1

Switch off the laptop. Mark where the dead pixel is located.

Step 2

Use the eraser end of the pencil or your finger to apply pressure on the dead pixel. Apply pressure lightly. You can also use a damp cloth to apply pressure to avoid scratch marks.

Switch on the laptop when applying pressure. Rub gently to move the liquid in the crystal.

Flashing program

Step 1

Download a flashing program for dead pixels. Alternatively, you can play YouTube videos that are designed to fix dead pixels.

Step 2

Run the program that flashes the basic colors for at least an hour.

Check whether the dead pixel has been fixed.