How to Fix a Cricket Cell Phone

by Greyson Ferguson

Cricket is a wireless phone provider that is located throughout the majority of the United States. Cricket works like most other carriers and provides an assortment of different phones for its subscribers to choose from. Although these phones are typically going to work normally, the devices can run into problems. Most of these problems can be fixed with only a few quick repair techniques.

Hold down the power button on the Cricket cell phone until it shuts down. Leave the phone off for a few moments, then power it back on. This often fixes most of the problems you may be having with your Cricket phone.

Remove the battery from your Cricket cell phone. Doing so performs a hard shutdown (does not allow the phone to properly close out). Leave the battery out for a few minutes, then put it back into the phone and power it back on. Now allowing the phone to save recent changes may fix any issues.

Take the SIM card out of the Cricket phone. The SIM card houses important information about the phone, so if the SIM card is removed the memory can draw a blank and stop functioning. Place the SIM card back into the phone and wait for the Cricket phone to detect it.

Bring your Cricket cell phone into a Cricket Wireless provider. The customer service representatives are trained to fix specific problems with the phones, many of which you could not do at home. They are going to try all the techniques you have just tried, and when these don't work they may connect the phones to their computers to download information and correct these hard-to-fix problems.

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