How to Fix a Corrupted Page File

by Tyran DeWalt

You computer's hard disk stores page files, or paging or swap files, temporarily to free up RAM on your computer. This gives your computer the ability to utilize memory that is not physically accessible. Fortunately, you can fix page files with simple steps. You can restore this file with a pre-installed tool on your operating system. It is crucial to correct issues underlying page files so that your system can maximize on RAM and run efficiently.

Step 1

Press the "R" key plus the Windows key at the same time. This will open the Run tool.

Step 2

Type "cmd" in the open field and click "OK" to launch the Command Prompt.

Step 3

Copy the following command and paste it at the prompt: "sfc /scannow"

Allow the System File Checker to detect the corrupted page files and restore them.


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