How to Fix Cookies on Your Computer

By Greyson Ferguson

Deleting cookies from your Internet browser can make the Internet load quicker.
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A cookie is a small trace of a website placed onto your computer. These cookies come from just about every website you visit and help trace where you go when browsing the Internet. The information is then sent back to the site you received the cookie from. This allows the site to offer you personalized ads and other options due to what you search the Internet for. However, these cookies often slow down a computer's performance, so if you notice a lag in computing speed, you need to fix the cookies and remove them from your computer.

Open your Internet Explorer browser and click the "Tools" tab at the top of the screen. From the pull-down menu choose "Internet Options," then select "Privacy." Move the slider bar to how strict you want to ban cookies (anywhere from all to none). Take into consideration that some sites require you to enable your cookies before allowing you to load the page.

Open FireFox and click the "Tools" tab. From the pull-down menu select "Clear Private Data," then choose "Cookies" and click "Clear Private Data Now." This removes all of the cookies from your browser.

Launch Safari. When Safari loads click "Safari," "Preferences" and choose "Security." From the Security tab click "Show Cookies," then "Remove All." This deletes all of the cookies from your Internet website.