How to Fix Computer Registry Problems

by Jason Sewell

Windows registry problems can be bothersome if you do not know how to fix them properly. Registry problems can be fixed manually, but the safest and easiest way to fix registry problems would be to use a registry cleaner. This article explains how to fix computer registry problems in Windows using a common free tool called CCleaner.

How to Fix Computer Registry Problems

Open CCleaner and get a feel for the CCleaner environment. CCleaner has a lot of options, but we will be focusing exclusively on the "Registry Cleaner" in this article.

Click on "Registry" to bring up the registry cleaner and make sure all check boxes under "Registry Integrity" are checked.

Click "Scan for Issues" to find registry errors on your computer. When the progress bar reaches 100 percent, the "Problems" box on the right should be populated with errors that need to be fixed. If the box says "No issues were found," then your registry is error free.

Click on the "Fix Issues" button to initiate the registry cleaner. A dialog box will pop up asking "Do you want to backup changes to the registry?" It will make a copy of your registry in case of problems. Always backup your registry before making any changes to the system registry.

Click "Close" and your registry should now be cleaned of all errors. If another scan is initiated, the results should show "No issues were found."


  • check Get in the habit of making a backup of the system registry before any changes are made. This will save you a lot of headache if some unknown problem arises.

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