How to Fix a Computer That Will Not Find a Keyboard

by Amanda Kondolojy
keyboard image by Fyerne from Fotolia.com

If you are having problems getting your computer to recognize your keyboard, it is easy to get frustrated. However, if the computer powers on as normal, the problem most likely lies with the computer's drivers, which are small programs that allow your computer to interact with peripherals, such as a keyboard. Fortunately, the process for downloading new drivers is fairly simple.

Step 1

Go to the Start menu and go to the "Accessories" tab. Under "Accessibility" you'll find "On-Screen Keyboard." Select this option to pull up a keyboard on your screen that you can use to input text until your keyboard is fixed.

Step 2

Navigate to the Control Panel and then find the "Hardware and Sound" icon. Double click it, and then select "Keyboard" from the utility.

Step 3

Click on the "Hardware" tab and then double-click on your keyboard in the hardware profile.

Step 4

Select the "Driver" tab and then select "Update driver." If you are connected to the Internet, a window will pop up initiating the process. If you are not connected, another window will pop up asking you to connect before continuing.

Follow the prompts to install the latest drivers. Then unplug the keyboard, plug it back in, and restart the computer.


  • Make sure the keyboard's connection to the computer is secure. Sometimes this problem can be solved simply by pushing in a loose connection.


  • If the computer still doesn't recognize the keyboard, the equipment may be outdated. Check with your keyboard's manufacturer to see if the model you have is still supported by your current OS.

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