How to Fix a Laptop CD Drive That Is Not Working

by Bonnie Conrad
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No matter what brand and model of laptop you own or what you use it for, the CD-ROM or CD writer can make it a lot more useful. A functioning CD drive allows you to play your favorite music, back up your vital files and install the software you need to keep your laptop running. When the CD drive on the laptop stops working, it is best to take a step-by-step approach to fixing the problem, because a number of factors can cause CD drive problems in a laptop.

Step 1

Turn off the laptop and restart it. Press the "Eject" button on the CD drive as soon as the laptop starts up. Restarting the laptop often allows the tray to release if it was stuck.

Step 2

Shine a flashlight on the CD tray and locate a small hole near the "Eject" button. Unbend a paperclip and inset it into the hole. You will hear the CD spin, and the drive will pop open.

Step 3

Remove the existing CD from the drive and insert a laser lens cleaner. These laser lens cleaners are available at computer stores and electronics retailers.

Run the laser lens cleaning program several times and then place the CD back in the drive and make sure the laptop can read it.


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