How to Fix the CCRadio Plus LCD Display

by Greyson Ferguson

The CCRadio Plus is a portable radio device that picks up AM and FM signals and audio for television stations. This allows you to listen to the audio of your favorite, over-the-air television programs, including the news and sporting events. On the front of the radio is a small, black-and-white LCD display. If you find the display is not functioning correctly, perform a few troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

Replace the current batteries. If the batteries are beginning to fail, the LCD display might appear extremely light and hard to read. New, fresh batteries can improve the clarity and darkness of the font.

Remove any heavy item that is sitting on the radio. When an item applies pressure around the LCD display, you might see a discoloration around the screen.

Turn off the radio and remove the batteries for a few minutes. If the LCD display is acting up and displaying incorrect information, it is due to an internal error. Removing the batteries and turning it off resets the equipment. After a few minutes, power the radio back on and the should screen function correctly again.

Apply petroleum jelly to any cracks in the LCD screen. The jelly takes the consistency of the screen, removing the appearance of the crack and giving the illusion of a clean, smooth screen.

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