How to Fix Blurry Videos in Movies

By Joanne Cichetti

When capturing fast-moving objects, such as animals, birds, cars and running people, with a video camera, the video often gets a little blurry and smudged, making it difficult to see the sharp details. To enhance the video quality and remove the blur, use a software program like AVS Movie Editor, Movavi Video Suite or vReveal. All these applications have free trial versions available on the Internet. After the trial versions expire, you can purchase the program if you still need to enhance some blurry videos.

AVS Video Editor

Download and install the AVS Video Editor (see Resources).

Launch the program by going to "Start" and "Programs."

Click "File" and select "Open."

Choose the video from your hard disk that is to be edited.

Click the "Video Effects" tab, and select "Effects" from the categories.

Right-click the "Sharpen" effect.

Click "Add or Replace Video Effect." The blurry effect is removed from your video.


Download and install vReveal (see Resources). Go to "Start," "Programs" and launch vReveal.

Click "File," "Open" and select the video that you want to enhance.

Click "Sharpen" under the "Basic" effects menu.

Click "OK." To save, press "Ctrl" and "S." The video's blurry effect is removed.

Movavi Video Suite

Download and install Movavi Video Suite on your computer (see Resources). Go to "Start," "Programs" and open Movavi Video Suite.

Click "Import," "Open Media File." Locate and open the video that you want to enhance.

Drag the video from the Media area and drop it to the Timeline panel. Click the "Effects" tab. Drag the Sharpen filter and drop it on the Timeline panel. This adds the effect to the list of applied filters on the movie.

Click the Filter Menu pane at the bottom of the filters list. Move the slider to 100 percent (maximum). Click "OK."

Press "Ctrl" and "S" to save the video after adding the sharpening effect.