How to Fix the Windows Vista Blue Screen at Start Up

by Laura Gittins

One of the more frustrating things for a Windows user is seeing the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death." In Windows Vista, the blue screen contains an error message warning that your system has shut down to prevent computer damage. This screen sometimes appears when you turn on the computer. Because this error can occur for a number of reasons, you may need to explore several possibilities to repair the problem.

Problem Reports and Solutions

Click "Start" or point to "Settings," then select "Control Panel." Double-click on "Problem Reports and Solutions." This will open a Windows diagnostic program that tracks bugs and errors and suggests solutions to these problems.

Open "Tasks" from the upper-left side of the window, then click "Check for new solutions." Wait for Windows to scan your computer as it attempts to find a resolution to your issue. This process may take several minutes.

Click on a link that appears under "Solutions to install" and follow the instructions provided to repair any problems. Repeat this process for each link that appears. When you finish repairing each solution, click on "Close" to close the program. If no links appeared under "Solutions to install," move on to "Startup Repair" in the next section.

Restart your computer. If at any point your computer displays another Blue Screen error, go on to "Startup Repair."

Startup Repair

Insert the Windows Vista installation disc into your computer's disc drive. Restart the computer. If prompted, choose to start Windows from the installation disc. Your computer needs to boot from the Windows installation CD in order to give you the option to repair your computer.

Select your language, click "Next," then click "Repair your computer." Select "Windows Vista" and click "Next." Click "Startup Repair" from the System Recovery Options menu.

Follow the prompts on your screen while your computer attempts to repair your system. Restart your computer when it finishes. If your computer experiences another Blue Screen error at any point during this repair process, move on to "System Restore."

System Restore

Click on "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories," and "System Tools." Click "System Restore." This will open the Windows System Wizard.

Click "Choose a different restore point," then click "Next." Select a restore point that your computer created before you started experiencing the Blue Screen error.

Click "Next," then click "Finish." This will cause your computer to revert back to the earlier restore point that you selected. If you made a change to any of your computer's settings after that restore point, those changes will be rolled back to the earlier settings and your computer should correct the problem.

Restart your computer if the System Restore Wizard does not restart it automatically.

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