How to Fix Battery Not Charging in Acer Aspire One

By C. Taylor

The ultra-mobile Acer Aspire One offers several hours of operation on a fully charged battery.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The battery in your Acer Aspire One laptop has a finite lifespan between 1.5 to three years with hundreds of charging cycles. If you're experiencing trouble charging the battery or the battery fails to hold a charge, the battery may need replacing. However, before sending the battery in for recycling, there are a few steps you should take to ensure the battery is being properly charged.

Step 1

Move your Acer Aspire One to a climate-controlled environment for charging. If temperatures are below 32 degrees or above 104 degrees, the battery will not charge.

Step 2

Remove the battery after disconnecting the laptop from any power source and gently wipe the metallic contacts with a lint-free cloth. The battery is held by a sliding lock and release slider. Slide the lock to the "Unlocked" position and hold the release slider while removing the battery.

Step 3

Slide the battery back in place and push until it clicks in place. Slide the lock to the "Locked" position to ensure proper installation.

Step 4

Insert the charging cable fully into the Aspire One's charging port and verify the power cable is securely connected to the AC adapter "brick." Plug the three-pronged power plug into a working wall outlet. If the laptop still does not charge, try a different outlet that you test with another device, such as a lamp, to make sure the outlet is working properly.

Step 5

Download the latest BIOS update for your specific Acer Aspire One model from the Acer website. Extract the zip file and follow the on-screen directions for updating the BIOS. Shut down the laptop and remove the battery and power cord for 30 seconds. Press "F2" while booting to enter BIOS, press "F9" to load defaults and press "F10" to save your settings.

Step 6

Purchase a new battery from Acer's online store, if the battery still does not charge. If you need help locating the correct battery, call the sales department at 1-800-910-2237.