How to Fix Backlighting on Sony TVs (5 Steps)

By Greyson Ferguson

i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Although Sony didn't use backlighting on older televisions, the manufacturer often uses this technology on newer, HD televisions such as LCD or plasma. The backlighting helps increase the picture smoothness you see on the TV screen, but too much backlighting can make the picture appear too bright and blown out. Sony has an option that allows you to adjust the level of the backlighting and correct any issue you have with the feature.

Step 1

Power on the Sony television. Set it to a channel with some sort of picture on it. You will need a picture on the screen to gauge the effect your backlighting adjustments have on the television.

Step 2

Press "Menu" on the Sony remote control. A series of options presents itself. Select "Picture" to bring up all the picture options.

Step 3

Scroll through the selections using the down arrow button until you reach "Backlight." Highlight this option.

Step 4

Use your left and right arrow buttons to either increase or decrease the backlight. Watch the effect it has on your television's picture and stop the adjustment once you’ve fixed the issue. A slight backlight adjustment will usually correct the problem.

Step 5

Push the "Menu" button again to accept the changes and exit the menu.