How to Fix Anti-Glare on a TV Screen

By Mandy Slake

Many television manufacturers use glossy screens to make the picture look brighter, which results in glare. Glare on a television screen appears as white patches or reflections that block the part of the image underneath. Glare can severely impact the quality of the image and make the screen unwatchable at certain times. Some television manufacturers apply a coating to the screen to help reduce glare, but if your TV doesn't have one, you may be able to resolve the problem at minimal cost.

Step 1

Look at the angle and shape of the glare on the screen. It's usually possible to figure out the source of the glare by examining the TV screen.

Step 2

Move or shade the light source causing the glare. Close blinds or curtains on windows. Turn off lamps or light fixtures.

Step 3

Change the angle of the screen. Glare is caused by the angle of reflection between the source of the glare and the place where you sit, so a minor change in the television's orientation can reduce or eliminate the white patches. Some televisions have stands that also allow you to tilt the screen up and down. Check the owner's manual for the television or stand for adjustment instructions.

Step 4

Move the furniture. Moving the chair or sofa where you sit a few inches also changes the angle of reflection. You can also use tall furniture to block light sources.

Step 5

Move the television to a different location. This may not be an option depending on the television's size and the layout of your room.

Step 6

Apply an anti-glare coating or film to the screen. These products come as a clear plastic sheet or a spray-on solution. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying the product.