How to Get the Firewall to Accept Netflix

by Steve Gregory
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Using Netflix in Windows Media Center is a convenient way of accessing the service on your computer without launching a Web browser. However, you must add Windows Media Center to the list of programs allowed to communicate through Windows Firewall to view Netflix content. This is necessary because the Netflix add-on connects to the Internet via Windows Media Center. Adding the Windows Media Center program as an exception in Windows Firewall will prevent the utility from blocking Netflix communication.

Step 1

Open the Start menu and click "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click "System and Security" and select "Allow A Program Through Windows Firewall."

Step 3

Click "Change Settings" and enter your administrator account credentials. You will not be required to enter your administrator information if you are already logged in to the computer as an administrator.

Step 4

Scroll down the Allowed Programs and Features list and select the "Windows Media Center" check box. If Windows Media Center is not in the list, you will have to manually add it.

Step 5

Click the "Allow Another Program" button to open the Add a Program window.

Step 6

Scroll down the list of applications and select "Windows Media Center."

Click "Add" to add the program. It appears in the Allowed Programs and Features list automatically selected. Click "OK" to complete the process.


  • Use an antivirus program with Windows Firewall to add another level of protection against harmful viruses and programs.
  • Information in this article applies to Windows 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


  • The process to unblock a program in Windows Firewall is completely reversible.


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