Finding the IP Addresses of Who Logs Into My Facebook

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Your Facebook account's settings has an Active Sessions section to keep track of where your account is accessed from. For example, if you took a trip and used Facebook while on vacation, the Active Sessions page shows roughly where you accessed the account. The feature also includes information about the device, date and method used to access your account, including the IP address. If you don't recognize an entry, Facebook enables you to end the session.

Step 1

Click the gear icon in Facebook's upper right corner to display the Account Menu drop-down menu, and then choose "Account Settings." Click "Security" to view your account's Security Settings page.

Step 2

Select "Active Sessions" to expand the entry and show your account's sessions. Find the session in question and hover your cursor over the "Location" entry to display the IP address used to access your account. The "Last Accessed" and "Device Type" entries may also help determine whether you or someone else accessed the account.

Click the blue "End Activity" option accompanying the session in question to end a session. The location disappears from your Active Sessions list. Click the "Close" button when you're finished investigating or ending a session.


  • Facebook suggests changing your account's password if you don't recognize an entry under the Active Sessions menu. From Account Settings, select "General" on the navigation menu and click "Password." Enter your current password and the new password twice in the designated windows before clicking the "Save Changes" button.
  • Locations listed in the Active Sessions window may not be completely accurate. According to Facebook, the location provided is based on the IP address used to access the account.


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