How to Find the Schematics Model for Fixing a TV

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Is your TV on the fritz and you want to fix it yourself? You'll need the schematics model to show you what goes where. Follow the steps below to find the schematics model for fixing your TV.

Check the original packaging. The schematics may have been sent in the box along with the owner's manual. When you buy a new TV or any other household electronics you should put the paperwork in a safe spot where you won't lose it.

Find the model number of your TV. This is usually on the back, along with other manufacturer information.

Go to a store that sells your TV, preferably the one you bought it from. They might be able to order the schematics for your model from the manufacturer.

Find the manufacturer's service and support phone number. It's included in the user manual. It can also be found on the manufacturer's website. Some of the more common TV manufacturers are Sony, Magnavox, RCA and Philips.

Call the service number and ask for the television schematics. They should be able to mail a copy to your home.

Search for "TV schematics" online if your manufacturer is no longer in business. Online stores like TVDiagrams and Just Radios will sell you television schematics (see Resources below). You can also find a limited selection of free TV schematics models at websites like "Schematics for Free" (see Resources below).


  • check Shop around if you have to buy the schematics. There are multiple websites that sell TV schematics. Make sure you're not paying too much.


  • close Without knowledge of electronics, schematics will probably not help you repair your TV. Call a professional if you have no electronics training.
  • close Make sure you have the correct model number. The schematics for the wrong TV will do no good.

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