How to Find MetroPCS Coverage Areas

by Contributor

Communicating with others is necessary in today's busy society. Coordinating schedules with others and so that you are accessible when family needs you are both important reasons to have a connection upon demand. If you choose to use MetroPCS as your cellular phone provider, make sure their coverage areas meet your family's needs.

Visit MetroPCS's website (see Resources below). Click the, "Check your coverage" link to the left.

Examine the cities for which MetroPCS currently has coverage. If you do not see your city listed, check back often, as MetroPCS expands rapidly. Selected major coverage areas include Southern California (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Fernando), Northern California (Yuba City, Modesto, Salinas, Napa, Redding, San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Cruz), South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami, Naples, The Keys, West Palm Beach), Central Florida (Clearwater, Lakeland, Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach), Georgia (Athens and Atlanta), Michigan (Detroit, Taylor and Southfield) and Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney and Sherman).

Call MetroPCS to check coverage. The toll-free phone number is (888) 863-8768. If MetroPCS does not currently offer coverage in your area, feel free to point out the benefits of your metropolitan area as a good location for future expansion.


  • close MetroPCS has unlimited calling for a fixed rate each month but beware; the unlimited monthly rate does not include roaming charges for areas outside your metro location. You must pay a per-minute fee for calls placed outside your metro area, so such a plan may not be the best option for someone who travels a lot.

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