How to Find International Cell Phone Numbers

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Finding an international cell phone numbers takes some detective work as not all international cell phone companies are equal when it comes to number availability. Cell phone numbers are more readily available in some countries, but the language barrier makes the process complicated. Follow a few steps and find international cell phone numbers more readily.

Step 1

Subscribe to one of a number of reverse phone lookup and online services if you frequently need to research multiple international cell phone numbers. Services such as Search Detective have access to large databases of telephone numbers cross-referenced with physical addresses and more identifying information.

Step 2

Perform your own detective work by starting with the international numbering plans for individual countries. Online searches with companies like Numbering Plans.com will provide the country code and international cell phone numbering system in a few seconds.

Step 3

Narrow your search to specific regions of several countries. International cell phone plans often have a regional code embedded in the cell phone number. This will aid you in narrowing your search. If you know a physical address you can narrow your search to that specific region. Try Fone Finder.

Contact one of the many providers of international cell phones. These companies provide cellular service to executives and other international travelers. One of the service reps could search their database and at least tell you if the person or number is part of their service. Try the World Cell global wireless service.

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