How to Find Emoticons

by Contributor

Emoticons or smileys are icons that used for emails, forums, instant messaging and any other communication on your computer. You can create them yourself or you can get them off the Internet--some are free and some are not. There are many types of emoticons--from pets to smiley faces--you can get emoticons that are stationary or action. Finding emoticons is relatively easy.

Step 1

Check out the instant messenger that you use. On the toolbar, you should see an icon with a smiley on it. Click on the icon and you will see all the default emoticons that you have.

Step 2

Look at your email and see if there is a smiley on your toolbar. Click on the emoticon and you will see all the smileys that are available to you in your emails.

Step 3

Respond to posts in forums and you will see a variety of emoticons that you can use. Depending on the forum will depend on which smileys are available.

Step 4

Go back to the toolbar in you instant messenger. Click on the icon and after it displays all your available smileys, there should be a place at the bottom where you can select more emoticons.

Proceed to the website selected and see all the smileys that are available. Some will be free and others will cost money. If you find some that you like, you will have to download them before you can use them.


  • You can find emotions for any messenger on the Internet.
  • Make sure the people you are talking to can see the emoticons that you are using. They may need to download the same smileys first.


  • As with any other program you are downloading, be sure your anti-virus is active.
  • Be sure to check whether you have to pay anything before you begin downloading.

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