How to Find DVD Player Software for a Computer

by Contributor

If you want to watch DVDs on your desktop, you will need to find DVD player software for your computer. This software lets your computer decode the information on the disk and display it properly on screen. You will also need a DVD player for your computer, because you can't play DVDs on a CD-ROM drive.

Step 1

Cruise through some free software. Many companies offer free DVD player software. Try out some of the links in the Resource section below.

Step 2

Try out a trial version of for-pay software before purchasing the full version. InterVideo offers a free trial of its WinDVD player software.

Step 3

Take a look at CinePlayer from Roxio. This software is fairly cheap, works with Windows Media Player and does a decent job of playing DVDs on your computer.

Step 4

Consider PowerDVD from CyberLink to get features like subtitles and networking. Although more expensive than CinePlayer, it has an impressive set of features.

Look at DVD X Player if you are interested in playing DVDs from anywhere in the world. DVD X Player is region-free DVD player software, which means it can decode all 6 region code DVDs.


  • Note what operating system you are running on your computer. Software is designed to work on certain operating systems, so knowing this will help you find the right programs for your computer.
  • If you are using a Mac, you probably want QuickTime.


  • Be careful of free software from unknown or little known software companies. Make sure that you are not getting a load of spyware and viruses for free--along with the software.

Items you will need

  • Internet access
  • Computer

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