How to Find Creative Places to Put a Hidden Security Camera

by Contributor

Home security cameras increase in popularity every year. As crime increases, people feel strongly lead to increase security in their homes for the sake of their families and personal property. Many people who use security cameras choose to use a hidden camera. Often, home owners need to find creative places to put their hidden cameras. Follow these guidelines when trying to find the perfect spot for a hidden camera.

Step 1

Determine where you will need your hidden camera.

Step 2

Create a pin hole in a wall, hide the camera in a stuffed animal, or put a small hole in a picture and mount the camera behind the picture, if you will be using the hidden camera in a child's bedroom.

Step 3

Put the camera in a small hole made in a mural, a toy that is on a high shelf and never used, or under a table a child uses for a tea party, if you are going to put the hidden camera in a play room.

Step 4

Hide the camera in a plant, in a small hole in the wall, or a small hole in trim along the ceiling, if you are going to put the hidden camera in the kitchen.

Step 5

Hide the camera alongside the television, in a plant, or in a couch cushion or pillow if you are going to put the hidden camera in the living room.

Put the hidden camera alongside an item on a high shelf such as a tool box if you are going to put the camera in the garage. You can also hide a camera in the ceiling since the ceilings of most garages are fairly tall.

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