How to Find Computer Viruses

by Contributor

Many computer users can have viruses on their computer and not even be aware that it is infected. Here are some ways to increase your computer security and to find computer viruses if you have one.

Antivirus software. The great thing about antivirus software is that it can actually prevent your computer form getting a virus. It can also find computer viruses and spyware that have already been put on your computer. Most antivirus softwares have a program that scans areas of your computer to see if it is infected. It is a good idea to run your antivirus software all the time and do weekly scans.

Computer security. You can change your internet settings to make your computer security stronger. With your computer security stronger, your computer is able to catch more things before you actually get a virus. For example, it will warn you if you are entering a website that it finds dangerous.

Search your computer. While having antivirus software is great, it can also miss things from time to time. So I suggest looking around your computer files to see if there is anything that you do not recognize. Maybe you have a new program that you do not remember downloading, that could be something to look into. But be careful when deleting, you do not want to delete a file that your computer needs to run.


  • check The more precautions you take with your computer security, the better.

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