How to Find Affiliates for a Website

by Steve Smith

Your website is becoming a little more popular and now you want to add affiliate advertising to your pages, but you don't know where to find them. You see banner ads on all kinds of websites and you have thought of putting a few on your site to earn a little extra income... if only you knew where to find these affiliates. The good news is, nearly ever large Internet business and website has an affiliate program which web publishers like yourself can join, no matter how large or small your website is. So, read on to find out how to find affiliates for your website. This simple article will show you where to find popular affiliates to add to your website.

How to Find Affiliates for a Website

Go to a large Internet company like Ebay, or Look at the bottom of their page in the lower navigation bar where there are usually links for contacting the company, terms and conditions and so on. You might find a link that says "Affiliates" or "Advertise". If so, click this link and sign up for their affiliate program.

Go to any large Internet advertising company that hosts affiliate programs for smaller companies, like Linkshare, or Commission Junction ( Create an account with one of those companies and surf through their affiliate programs. They partner with many companies and offer text links, banners and more advanced advertising that you can simply cut and paste into your website. You apply for each program separately with a simple click of the mouse. Once approved, paste these affiliate ads right into your website.

Search the Internet for affiliate advertising, or affiliate programs and you will find a host of websites that offer information on affiliate programs and a few that list hundreds of companies that are looking for website affiliates. Sign-up for web advertising newsletters, or visit online or interactive advertising websites. They offer more information on where to find affiliate programs, how to increase your conversions, and which affiliate programs are the most lucrative.

Network with other website publishers and web designers. Ask them about their own affiliate programs, and keep your own ear to the ground for new and upcoming affiliate possibilities. Nearly every company today has some sort of affiliate program, and they are interested on expanding their reach on the Internet. There is plenty of opportunity for you to profit from this new medium if you know where to look!


  • check Signing up for more than one affiliate program is a good idea, just be sure you can manage and track all of them.
  • check Find affiliates that match your website content and the interests of your site's visitors.
  • check Track and analyze your affiliate accounts and see which ones perform the best. Experiment and move ads to higher conversion areas if they aren't performing well.
  • check Keep current with the latest in affiliate advertising trends and technologies. It is changing daily!
  • check Signing up with a large affiliate company that has a selection of affiliates is a great way to gain access to many companies right away, but you may not find the right affiliates for your site. Searching directly with companies that you know your visitors are interested in is the best way to find the right affiliates and the best programs.
  • check Learning HTML and gaining a working knowledge of JAVA will help you when adding links and banners to your site.


  • close Affiliate advertising can detract from your site's overall appeal. Be sure to keep your advertising down to a minimum, but be aware that placing too few ads on your site may result in very few clicks.
  • close Affiliate campaigns expire, so if you post the same ad all over your site, you will have to repost another ad in its place, when the campaign ends. Be sure to track and maintain all your ads so you aren't promoting expired campaigns.
  • close Some visitors will avoid sites with a lot of banner ads and affiliate links. Be sure your affiliate ads match your site content and maintain your site's integrity.

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