How to Filter Phone Line Noise

By Steven Hill

Phone line filters block noise.
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Telephone line noise is an annoyance often associated with the use of a DSL Internet connection. The DSL modem sends and receives data at a higher frequency than that used by normal voice communication, fax machines or dial-up modems. While it does not prevent you from using your phone line for making calls while using the Internet as with traditional dial-up technology, it may produce an audible noise during telephone conversations. This noise may be eliminated through the use of phone line filters.

Unplug the telephone cables from their wall jacks, as well as the cables of any other device plugged into the phone jack.

Plug the phone line filter directly into the telephone jack. If the jack being used by the DSL modem is also being used by other devices such as a line splitter, plug the line splitter into the telephone jack. Plug the line filter into one of the ports on the line splitter.

Plug the telephone cables for every device into the other end of each line filter you have installed. Do not plug your DSL modem into a line filter. Plug the DSL modem directly into the telephone jack or into an unfiltered port on your line splitter.