How to Create and Fill Out a Fax Cover Form in Word (12 Steps)

By Chad Davis

Create your own professional fax cover sheets in Microsoft Word 2013 by downloading free templates from Microsoft Office. The New backstage view in Word lets you search, browse and download templates from the online collection. After you've created a template, fill in the necessary information, such as contact information, fax numbers and subject. You can also insert a fax cover sheet at the beginning of the document you want to fax using the Object command on the Insert tab.

Open a Fax Cover Sheet Template

Step 1

Open Word. If the New backstage view doesn't appear, or if you already have another document open, click "File" and then "New." The New backstage view provides a list of recommended and recently used templates.

Step 2

Type "fax cover" into the Search for Online Templates field at the top and then press "Enter." The search results display a list of templates that you can use as a fax cover sheet.

Step 3

Select one of the templates for your fax cover sheet. For example, select "Fax Cover Sheet (Standard Format)." Click the arrows on the right or left of the preview to view the adjacent template. Some templates require additional Office apps to be installed, such as those with an "eFax" banner across the template's preview or thumbnail, as these templates can connect to third-party software. Office apps are third-party programs that can extend the functionality of Microsoft Office but may require additional software, purchases or subscriptions.

Click the "Create" button to open the selected template. If this is the first time you've created a document with this template, Word downloads it first before you can edit it.

Fill Out a Fax Cover Sheet

Step 1

Open Word and then create a new document based on a Fax Cover Sheet template. Alternatively, you may choose to fill in your information manually on a separate line.

Step 2

Enter the fax recipient's information. For example, type the recipient's name after "To:," fax number after "Fax:" and then her contact phone number after "Phone:"

Step 3

Enter your information on the cover sheet. For example, type your name after "From:," your fax number after "Fax:" and then your contact phone number after "Phone:" Including your contact phone number in a fax is helpful in case the fax is received by someone other than your intended recipient.

Step 4

Enter the rest of the fax information. For example, enter a brief description after "Subject:," the current date after "Date:" and then any notes you want to include after "Comments:" or "Notes:"

Click "File," select "Save" and then save your fax cover sheet to your preferred storage location.

Insert a Fax Cover Sheet in Another Document

Step 1

Open the Word document to which you want to add the fax cover sheet and press "Ctrl-Enter." A new blank page is added to your document.

Step 2

Click at the top of the blank page to place the cursor. Click "Insert" and then select the "Object" command, resembling a white box with a blue border, in the Text group.

Click the "Create from File" tab and then click the "Browse…" button. Select the fax cover sheet you wish to add to your document and then click "Open." Your fax cover sheet appears at the beginning of your document.