How to Convert .std Files and Other Kinds of Image Files Into .jpeg Files or Other Formats

By Contributor

Updated December 13, 2019

Knowing how to convert image files is a useful skill.

Need to convert a .std or other type of not so common file extension into .jpeg or other more common extension? This short articles explains how you can do just that.

You have a .std file or something similar. You need to turn it into a .jpeg or just to a different file extension? I found an easy (and free) way to do this. Here is what you need to do:

Go to and download "The GNU Image Manipulation Program" it is called GIMP 2.6.6. The will download (or open) an installer into your computer.

Proceed to install the program. When you are finished installing it then you just open the program, wait for it to load and click on the file button. Choose Open and browse for your image (the one you want to convert). After you open it you just click "save as" and save it under the file extension you want.

Once you first open your picture, it might look different when the program opens it, but it doesn't matter. When you save it using another file extension, it will look the same way again when it's opened. If I were you, I would keep this program in my computer because it is very useful. Remember this is free, so enjoy!


If your file extension is so weird that the program can't open it, there are many patches/downloads in the website that can help you with this issue. Many wikipedia image files are .std, so this program is great for those.