What Files Can Be Removed on a Nuvi?

by Lindsay Howell

The Garmin Nuvi GPS helps you traverse unfamiliar areas and find businesses. The Nuvi stores map, image and text files in its storage device, which are used to provide detailed maps and driving directions. If the Nuvi's internal memory gets too full, it can interfere with the efficiency of the device and you will not be able to store new maps. There are some files that you can remove from the Garmin Nuvi to free up drive space and keep it running smoothly.

Language Files

The Garmin Nuvi has files for many different voice languages, which means that you can remove the languages that you do not use. Connect the Nuvi to your computer using the USB cable. Go to the "Voice" folder and remove the voice files you do not need.

JPEG Files

The Garmin Nuvi comes pre-installed with JPEG image files, which you can sort through to determine which ones you want. These files are not necessary for the device. Connect your Nuvi to your computer via the USB cable. Find the Nuvi's "JPEG" folder and remove the files you do not need.

Help Folder

The Help folder, like the Voice folder, contains files in other languages, which you may not need. Connect your Nuvi to your computer with the USB cable. Go to the "Help" folder and remove the language files that you will not need to use.

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