What File Does a Nook EReader Use?

by Collier Jackson

Every eReader supports a different set of file types, which can either encourage or dissuade people from buying them. The Nook is Barnes and Noble's eReader and supports both the ePub and PDF file formats. You may not know that the Nook also supports some image files. This is primarily used to support the Internet browser that is installed on the Nook. If you are in the market for an eReader, consider the file types that the Nook both does and does not support to decide if it is right for you.


Most Nook owners will find the ePub file format useful because ebooks sold by Barnes and Noble are available in the ePub format. Additionally, many libraries that have eBooks support the ePub format. One common user complaint about the Amazon Kindle is that it does not support the ePub format. If you know that you will want to do a lot of ePub reading, consider purchasing the Nook.


PDF files are not specifically designed for eReaders and they have been in use on computers for many years. Because so many electronic documents are available in PDF format, it is convenient that the Nook can read these files. People who need to read articles or papers for their career may often have access to PDF versions which can then be uploaded to and read on the Nook.

Image Files

Although you probably won't be reading many pictures of text, the Nook's support of image files allows you to browse the Internet and view both text and images. The Nook's Internet browser is somewhat limited, but for light browsing such as reading news or checking email, the browser can come in handy.

Unsupported Files

It is also important to be aware of what formats the Nook does not support. Proprietary formats, such as Amazon's .azw and Microsoft's .lit, cannot be read on the Nook. If you are converting from a different eReader to a Nook, you may want to consider how transportable your current library is. Additionally, some non-proprietary formats such as the PDB, HTML and Open eBook cannot be read on the Nook. These are not as common, but still should be taken into consideration before deciding on a purchase.

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