What Is the File Extension SPD?

by Stephen Byron Cooper
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Fourteen separate applications use the .spd file extension. File extensions are usually a three- or four-letter abbreviation expressing the file type, the files usage or the application that uses the file. File extensions are not covered by copyright, so software developers rarely check whether the file extensions they decide to use are already in use by other applications.

Fonts and Drivers

Three of the applications using the .spd file extension work with fonts and printers. Harvard Graphics (now part of Serif) and Bitstream both used the .spd file extension for specialist font files. The Bitstream fonts were called Speedo, but this product is now defunct. Adobe use the .spd file extension for printer drivers. The Adobe SPD files are part of the company's Creative Suite graphics design application.

Security Systems

Two application use the .spd file extension for a “Security Policy Database.” This stores the access decisions for traffic entering the network. The two security applications using .spd as security policy databases are SafeNet, which produces a Virtual Private Network for mobile users, and Windows Server. A third application uses the .spd file extension for security-related work. This is Spyproof which encrypts a file, a directory or a whole disk drive and stores the encrypted data in a file with the .spd file extension.

Data Files

Two applications use the .spd file extension for data files. SPD stands for “speech data” for audio files containing voice recordings played by Awave Studio. ACT! Is a contacts database produced by Sage Software. The data files for this application also carry the .spd file extension.

Design Files

“SoftPlan Drawing”abbreviates to SPD, and so this is the natural choice for a file extension on drawings produced by SoftPlan, an architectural design package. The abbreviation is less obvious for the other design package that puts the .spd file extension on output files. This is WinLens, which designs lenses.

Sealed Documents

Oracle owns a product called Unsealer, which enables documents to be encrypted and monitored throughout their distribution. The company acquired the package when it bought its creator, SealedMedia. The program uses the .spd file extension for sealed Adobe documents, although .spdf is a more common file extension for this file type.

Other Uses

Three other applications use the .spd file extension. SpecTRM is an environment that helps create specifications of safe systems and software. The .spd file extension hold a specification produced by SpecTRM. SPSS is a statistical analysis program produced by IBM. It has a feature that enables users to create their own dialog boxes, and those are saved in a file with the .spd file extension. Scratchpad can be abbreviated to SPD, and an algebra calculation program created by IBM uses the .spd extension for output files for this reason.

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